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  • Jill_AlexanderCan’t stop watching this amazing footage. Very proud to be a tiny dot in the crowd somewhere - posted on 24/03/2019 09:12:57
  • Jill_Alexander@steveh247 Wow, congrats!! - posted on 21/03/2019 20:26:05
  • steveh247@Jill_Alexander I'm in a country with a military junta and no rights or freedoms at all Jill and it's still prefera… - posted on 21/03/2019 19:01:05
  • Jill_Alexander@steveh247 It’s all madness! Good to hear from you. Are you still wisely out of the country? - posted on 21/03/2019 18:56:38
  • Jill_Alexander@strategistmag Link has just turned up around 4 hours after signing up. - posted on 21/03/2019 18:49:28
  • steveh247@Jill_Alexander Remember when you were a kid Jill and this was the stuff of bad, this could and would never happen movies? - posted on 21/03/2019 18:22:15
  • strategistmag@Jill_Alexander Not sure why we expected *anything* to work. :-) - posted on 21/03/2019 17:47:54
  • Jill_Alexander@strategistmag Same for me - posted on 21/03/2019 17:44:42
  • Jill_AlexanderWTAF???? - posted on 21/03/2019 17:37:32
  • Jill_Alexander5 yr old daughter complaining that there’s never any girls rugby on tv. She’s got a point - posted on 16/03/2019 15:33:44