Alexander PR is committed to its clients and takes pride in the fact that many prospects get in touch based on the recommendation of others. Client experience past and present includes:

Atkins BullClick and BuyThe Digital Entertainment GroupEnvoyESRI Filenet Formicary Collaboration Group Formicary GigaclearJoost K-Par archiving softwareLoglogic Log RhythmNoema Life Palamida Sanyo Spinvox techtour Yudu

“Jillian is great to work with and she says it as it is! Positive point about having someone external to look after your PR is having a fresh pair of eyes and ears to look at what your company offers and being able to advice on what the media is/not looking for and giving constructive feedbacks. Jillian is also able to pick up on new ideas and angles from quick chats with us, which is useful as she keeps us on our toes on the PR front.”

Angeline Chengquotes
Formicary Limited / Formicary Collaboration Group

“Jillian Alexander is a master at her trade. Her ability to understand technology and package it in a manner that makes it news-worthy to editors is exceptional. Combine that with her creativity and respectful persistence and you’ve got a PR powerhouse.”

Mike Reeganquotes
VP Marketing and Business Development, Log Rhythm Inc.